About Us

CONNECTED SERVICES LTD – ConnectED strives to achieve increased learning outcomes by working in partnership with Education and a variety of SONY and other technologies:

School TV / Lessons Online:

Using ConnectED Broadcast, lessons and presentations can be instantaneously made available online; live or to be played later. Schools have been making available assemblies, functions, presentations, productions, sporting events and key learning materials. ConnectED Broadcast can easily be integrated with other schools systems and automatically make content available in your schools Virtual Learning Environment. Schools are using ConnectED Broadcast to make learning available to home and other schools, engage parents and raise the self esteem of their students through celebrating their achievements.

Games Based Learning:

ConnectED works with schools to develop the use of the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP™) in the classroom. The PSP can be used to successfully engage students with existing educational content; make pertinent flash based games available and with Second Sight provide a totally immersive learning experience. Second Sight is the first mobile device based Augmented Reality solution to be available to schools and for which they can develop and manage their own content.

Underpinning Language Learning:

Sony Virtuoso is the world’s premier language lab solution that allows teachers to easily manage students’ interaction with audio, video, images, Internet and other sources of digital content in the MFL classroom. The teacher can easily talk to all students, carry out a conversation with an individual, manage the opening and closing of resources, and the collection of completed work in the form of audio recordings, video or typed documents. As an entirely software only solution Sony Virtuoso fits in with normal school IT management and frameworks.